Primary Schools

The Primary side of our portal is designed to guide KS2 students through a fun and practical work / enterprise related project using interactive video, downloadable resources and hands on tasks. The video interactions are designed in a modular format, allowing the project to be delivered in one day or across 4 lessons. 

Each project is sector specific and has been designed in association with a big brand employer related to the sector. In most cases the businesses will be known to the students.


The information needed to guide students through the project is delivered in the video by employees and managers of the relevant company. There are additional videos available through the interactions giving the students an insight into the employment sector and covering specific points such as career progression, responsibilities and employees journey from school to their current role.


In addition to exploring the employment sector and giving the students an outcome to work toward, each P-ILM also draws on a wide range of transferrable skills including teamwork, leadership, communication, problem solving and adaptability. There are also cross-curricula links identified to specific areas of the core curriculum and in some cases projects are linked to popular topic areas.