Who is Ductu and what do we do?

For over 20 years, Ductu brings big-brand employers into the education sector.

Our mission is to simplify the process of connecting schools to national employers.

We actively seek to challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations.

We believe in a level playing field for all.

Our mission is to champion change

In Key Stage 2, we aim to make it possible for Year 5 and Year students to take part in fun and engaging challenges with national employers.

When it comes to Key Stage 3 and older, we focus very specifically on helping S.E.N.D students interact with those employers.

We believe every S.E.N.D student should be able to participate in meaningful, first-hand experiences of the workplace every year from the age of 11. And we make that easy to do.

We are Ductu: formed to enable socially responsible employers, to easily and quickly interact and influence disadvantaged and disabled students in all corners of the UK and beyond.

Ductu is split into two channels:


Ductu Primary helps Primary school children to interact with large employers using interactive challenges set by you.


Ductu S.E.N.D. helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disability to interact with employers using real world interactions such as work experience and workplace visits.


A small selection of our photos so you can see what we do


“The children thoroughly enjoyed the programme. The children were very engaged. Our children loved the videos and so did teachers. They facilitated learning well.”

Terrington C of E primary School

“The children buzzed about the project and it was great that the project was ‘real’ and would benefit ‘real’ people. This was highly engaging!”

Bloxwich Primary Academy

“It was well organised and resourced. Clear and sequential. Platform was good as it was all in one place and easy to find.”

Broadhempston Primary School

“The resources were really engaging.”

Christ Church CE Academy and Nursery

“This has been an invaluable experience for our children.”

Dove Holes C of E Primary

Our Big Brand Employer Partnerships

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