Employer-led, interactive challenges

The value of introducing employability skills at an early stage cannot be underestimated.

We believe that to give students the best chance for their life beyond school, it is vital to introduce them to the world work at primary school level.

Ductu Primary gives Year 5 and Year 6 students a fun way to connect with the world of work and is perfect for the post-pandemic classroom. The project provides a rare opportunity to introduce well-known household brands and exciting real-world challenges.

Fun, practical,
real-world projects

How it works

Set as four interactive challenges, each project had been designed in association with a big brand employer and can be delivered to suit your timetable.

Utilising our unique combination of employer direction (via your interactive whiteboard), teacher skill and practical activities, students are navigated through the projects.

Our fully resourced ‘Interactive Learning Modules’ come complete with lesson plans, printable worksheets, extension activities, and transcripts. They promote cross-curricular links with Maths, English, Science, Art and PSHE to name but a few, as well as soft skills including problem solving, communication and teamwork.

What projects does Ductu offer my primary school?

Energy Detectives with British Gas

The children conduct an energy audit of the school and produce posters or an assembly to share their findings. They will question key staff such as the caretaker and need to present their findings to the Head/Governors.

Sail to Success with Carnival Cruises

We turn the school into a world cruise in a day, with the children learning about customer service, and also teamwork and timekeeping, in making a complex organisations work smoothly.

Mini Money Makers with Costco

Helping students to understand what makes a big supply chain, and how goods get to their homes, including all of the environmental aspects of the items they buy. This helps them understand the ‘field to fork’ concept.

Bags of Kindness with British Red Cross

Students will cost, design and fill a small bag with small items made and/or purchased to give out to vulnerable members of the community. They will learn about a large charity, as well as concepts such as logistics. Great for community inclusion themes.

Dream.Design.Drive with Aston Martin

Build a car with the design team at the world’s most desirable car brand! Here children learn about engineering, building a car, and critical transferable skills.

The Wellness Warriors with Nuffield Health

Ostensibly the children learn about the concepts of Eating, Sleeping, Moving and Feeling. However much of the project is based on research and acting as ambassadors to help other children live more healthily.

Crafty Creators with Hobbycraft

Students set up a small craft business and sell their completed items at a Christmas or Summer Fair. They will learn about small business, do research, and understand profit and loss.

Waste to Where with Biffa

A great project of you have a ‘green’ topic in school. Looking at recycling, the ‘circular economy’ and the impact of the use of plastics etc They will include other classes to build a lasting recycling message for the school.

Ductu Primary engages, entertains, and
informs young minds.

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