Billinghay Primary School have been working alongside our partner Costco to complete the ‘Mini Money Makers’ project. Their aim was to raise funds for their end of Year 6 treats.

“This project was a worthwhile after SATs exercise. The children enjoyed setting up their own businesses and raising money for their end of year party.”

This project involved pupils working within a given budget in order to purchase a range of items in bulk. Their challenge was to make as much profit as possible by selling their individual items. The team at Costco helped the students to understand the concept of ‘Field to Fork’.

“I have enjoyed running three of these projects now. They are easy to follow and very adaptable for a variety of abilities and desired outcomes. We raised over £500 for our Year 6 end of year treats. The children showed great pride in their businesses and products made.”

“We really enjoyed this project and knowing that the elderly people who received these bags had something nice to cheer them up.”

– Year 6 pupil.

A member of SLT commented:

“The children have worked extremely hard on this project and the bags are amazing! We will be sure to complete more projects across the school.”