Fawbert and Barnard’s Primary School in Essex have used The British Red Cross ‘Bags of Kindness’ project to support vulnerable residents in their local area.

What they enjoyed most was how the lessons covered a variety of different skills such as communication, team-work and problem-solving. The children really enjoyed working in different ‘departments’ each with a specific role. They loved having a strict budget to work within and ‘quality control’ group who ensured the finished products were up to scratch! Parents and staff alike were extremely impressed with this project and the children felt like they had really made a difference to the lives of people in their community.

“We really enjoyed this project and knowing that the elderly people who received these bags had something nice to cheer them up.”

– Year 6 pupil.

A member of SLT commented:

“The children have worked extremely hard on this project and the bags are amazing! We will be sure to complete more projects across the school.”